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Serenity Place
Rocky View County, East of Calgary

'A person’s disability shouldn’t determine their level of potential. A person’s ability is much stronger than their disability.' - Leena Haque

Serenity Place is an oasis of serenity amidst the bustling city. Spread over 4 acres,with its individual apartments within a 10,000 sq ft modern, safe, designed for wellbeing, this building with its ancillary outdoor structures embraces diversity and celebrates the abilities of special needs individuals.

We are a non-profit committed to inspiring all special needs individuals to have a healthy life full of recreation. Serenity has a purpose, flow, and connection to life with a modern, flexible and meaningful focus. It engages the outdoors to provide activities that absorb persons with all abilities and cultures

We encourage everybody to follow their very own cultures and traditions. We try to find caregivers that would speak your language and cook your food.

Our caregivers are trained to work through every special need individual’s life story to focus on providing a quality of life and a home that focuses on wellbeing, independence, and social participation. We encourage activities that stimulate the mind and body and pride ourselves on staff that goes above and beyond